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We start each day with one goal in mind: To provide you with the straightforward legal advice you deserve.
You can count on responsive, open communication in order for you to get the best and most professional service. Our core values are honesty and open communication in order for you to get the best and most professional service.



we excel at

— Compensation for pecuniary damages/loss
— Compensation for non-pecuniary damages/loss
— Enforcement
— Preparation of all types of contracts
— Annex to contracts
— Advice on terminating or canceling contracts
— Representation during negotiations regarding contracts
— Compensation for sustaining an injury at work
— Debt collection
— Representation in proceedings for debt collection
— Representation when negotiating a way to pay a debt
— and other legal services related to obligation law.

We offer legal assistance to existing businesses, start-ups, and all kinds of entrepreneurs.

We strive to provide legal services in an efficient and cost-effective way so that you are free to focus on your business.
We work on different types of services, such as:

— Entity formations (companies)
— Representation of companies
— Commercial disputes
— Any kind of contracts
— Employment contracts
— Contentious procedure
— Non-contentious procedure
— and other legal services related to your business.

— Any kind of legal relations connected with property (as well as disputes over them)
— Legalization
— Privatization of land
— Registration in the real estate cadastre (of unregistered rights, etc.)
— Adverse possession (acquiring legal ownership based on continuous possession or occupation of the property without the permission of its legal owner)
— Prescriptive Easements (obtaining rights in land by using someone else’s property)
— Ownership rights to real (immovable) property and personal (movable) property
— Impaired possession
— and other legal services related to property law.

— Divorce through a / by / with a lawsuit
— Amicable divorce
— Annulment of marriage
— Compiling a prenuptial or marital agreement
— Alimony for a child
— Determining paternity (DNA)
— Domestic violence
— Division of property in case of divorce
— Exercising parental rights
— Custody (of a child or an adult)
— Adoption
— and other legal services related to family law.

— Disturbing the peace
— Representation in case of an assault
— Representation in case of а traffic accident
— and other legal services related to criminal law.

— Conducting and executing probate proceedings
— Representation in probate disputes
— Lifetime support agreement
— Drafting and implementing a court and handwritten will
— Representation in a procedure in which there is a despute of: will, lifetime support agreement, gift agreement, etc.
— Preparation of a contract for division of property between heirs
— and other legal services related to inheritance law.

— Representation in procedures for payment of salaries and benefits from employment
— Representation due to illegal termination of employment
— Severance pay
— Representation due to unpaid contributions
— Compensation for sustaining an injury at work
— and other legal services related to labor.

— Probate procedure
— Physical division of real (immovable) property and personal (movable) property
— Editing borders
— Taking away the capacity to contract
— Compensation for expropriated real (immovable) property (property confiscated by the state)
— Court will and proclamation of a will
— and other legal services related to the non-contentious procedure.





She’s been on the list of licensed lawyers in the Republic of North Macedonia since 1998.

We always attribute the successes and results achieved by our office to the detailed work and the maximum commitment to each client and case.

It is an approach and a way of working that has proven to be the only path that leads to success after 23 years of working as an independent lawyer.



An attorney who has been working in a law firm since 2019.

The law is a subject that is constantly changing and builds towards the new age in which we live. New trends lead to life situations for which professional help is a must.

We try to always be up to date so we can keep track of and implement any new changes.

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The law is a complicated matter. It can create huge problems if you ignore it. Let us help you!

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