we excel at

— Compensation for pecuniary damages/loss
— Compensation for non-pecuniary damages/loss
— Enforcement
— Preparation of all types of contracts
— Annex to contracts
— Advice on terminating or canceling contracts
— Representation during negotiations regarding contracts
— Compensation for sustaining an injury at work
— Debt collection
— Representation in proceedings for debt collection
— Representation when negotiating a way to pay a debt
— and other legal services related to obligation law.

We offer legal assistance to existing businesses, start-ups, and all kinds of entrepreneurs.

We strive to provide legal services in an efficient and cost-effective way so that you are free to focus on your business.
We work on different types of services, such as:

— Entity formations (companies)
— Representation of companies
— Commercial disputes
— Any kind of contracts
— Employment contracts
— Contentious procedure
— Non-contentious procedure
— and other legal services related to your business.

— Any kind of legal relations connected with property (as well as disputes over them)
— Legalization
— Privatization of land
— Registration in the real estate cadastre (of unregistered rights, etc.)
— Adverse possession (acquiring legal ownership based on continuous possession or occupation of the property without the permission of its legal owner)
— Prescriptive Easements (obtaining rights in land by using someone else’s property)
— Ownership rights to real (immovable) property and personal (movable) property
— Impaired possession
— and other legal services related to property law.

— Divorce through a / by / with a lawsuit
— Amicable divorce
— Annulment of marriage
— Compiling a prenuptial or marital agreement
— Alimony for a child
— Determining paternity (DNA)
— Domestic violence
— Division of property in case of divorce
— Exercising parental rights
— Custody (of a child or an adult)
— Adoption
— and other legal services related to family law.

— Disturbing the peace
— Representation in case of an assault
— Representation in case of а traffic accident
— and other legal services related to criminal law.

— Conducting and executing probate proceedings
— Representation in probate disputes
— Lifetime support agreement
— Drafting and implementing a court and handwritten will
— Representation in a procedure in which there is a despute of: will, lifetime support agreement, gift agreement, etc.
— Preparation of a contract for division of property between heirs
— and other legal services related to inheritance law.

— Representation in procedures for payment of salaries and benefits from employment
— Representation due to illegal termination of employment
— Severance pay
— Representation due to unpaid contributions
— Compensation for sustaining an injury at work
— and other legal services related to labor.

— Probate procedure
— Physical division of real (immovable) property and personal (movable) property
— Editing borders
— Taking away the capacity to contract
— Compensation for expropriated real (immovable) property (property confiscated by the state)
— Court will and proclamation of a will
— and other legal services related to the non-contentious procedure.